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Apps for woman are getting popular

The Lancome Cosmetics Make-up app is available on iTunes.  This app oofers a virtual make-up pallette to let you try some of Lancome’s cosmetics and mascara, blush and foundation while getting tips from international experts in makeup.  This cosmetics app also gives you information on Lacomes newset products as they are released.  You can also view tutorial videos from Youtube sensation, Michelle Phan.

Cosmetics aren’t the only apps that are becoming super popular.  You’ll also find that there are apps for shopping that provide incredible discounts for popular services and retail products.  Taryn Rose, a popular women’s shoes can be found using the website app.  Another app that gives great discounts can be found on  half price gifts.

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If you thought it was a chore figuring out which smartphone to pick, then you may be in for another grueling decision regarding the selection of your Tablet PC.

With as many Tablet PCs entering the market, it would be no surprise if you were to have trouble figuring out the best one for your needs.  iPad2 is a fairly safe choice, but if you are a Droid fan, it would be better to select a Tablet PC with an Android OS.  The apps that are available are on the most part developed for each system now, but there are a few that are entirely proprietary and that could affect your decision also.  Most people are leaving the choice up to their mobile service provider as many of the name servicer providers are offering reduced prices on Tablet PCs with a two year contract.

While this is not the best way to select your Tablet PC, it does make it a little easier.  Some consumers are selecting their mobile service based on the type of Tablet PC that the company is offering a deal on and what kind of mobile applications they have.  That is a better way to go about it, but all in all, you should know the exactly what you want and the best way to do that is to read reviews on Tablet PCs and make an educated decision.

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Why Pocket Mobile Apps Have Become Popular for Games

The idea behind the PSP has already been taken over by pocket mobile apps. You can have a game, movie or generally almost any other kind of utility through your pocketvoice mobile and not have to spend any extra for an additional gaming device.

Popular Pocket Mobile Apps

Pocket mobile apps are popular for games because the Gameboy and PSP were generally more bulky than the new smartphones and now, the cartridge or disc have virtually been done away with.

Games and Gaming for Pocket Mobile

Apps are more readily available and don’t require a trip to a retail store to purchase. Anyone knows that it is a lot less expensive to download an app than purchase a console game. It could be an actual difference of over fifty dollars. Ease of use, a large selection of games and a less expensive than a PSP, pocket mobile apps are popular for games and other utilities. You can also read more about gaming apps for iPhone and Android and how they have become so popular

Pocket Mobile Apps Replaced the PSP

The PSP and Gameboy will soon, if not already, join the eight track and the original Nintendo. Another nice feature of games for pocket mobiles is that you can find many of your old favorites at the app market. Games like Pac-man, dig dug and a new generation of games like Angry Birds are why pocket mobile apps are popular for games. Right now, if you are a gamer, you can get a great selection of games at the apps markets. Building a collection of games to entertain you won’t cost you an arm or so. You can read more about apps for Android here .

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Pocket Express is a BlackBerry and iPhone mobile app that has received a lot of attention recently because of the great potential it has to make your days more productive. Productivity increase is really what a lot of BlackBerry users are after and that is why this particular software package definitely deserves a much closer look.

The Good

Pocket Express app for BlackBerry and iPhone is an excellent productivity software package because of the wide range of functions that it has. You can use Pocket Express BlackBerry and iPhone app as your source for information on travel, news, weather and sports while simultaneously gaining access to maps, games, multimedia and internet searching from its easy to understand interface that is also easy to use. It is an all around software package intended to combine all of the things that you might otherwise use multiple packages for and it does a very good job of accomplishing that particular goal.

Another thing to like about Pocket Express mobile app for BlackBerry and the iPhone is that it has the ability to work across a wide segment of the products that RIM offers. BlackBerry 7100 to BlackBerry 8830 will all definitely support Pocket Express and if you’re lucky you might even be able to get support for it on products outside that product line. With that kind of universal support in place for the BlackBerry products, you can definitely feel good about being able to get this particular software package on your phone.

The Bad

The main drawback to Pocket Express app for BlackBerry is that it does cost money to use. What is even worse is that rather than being a single purchase that you make, Pocket Express works on a subscription basis that will mean that you end up paying between $70 and $100 per year for the excellent service that you get.

This is obviously a far cry from the normal free software that we feature on this website, but this is in place for a reason. If you wanted to do everything with Pocket Express for free, you’d need about a dozen (or more) freeware packages that together wouldn’t even come close to representing the same amount of quality. If you’re willing to add between $7 and $10 to your bill per month, you can get all of that and more in one very easy to use software package.


Pocket Express app for BlackBerry loses some marks for costing money. However, it is easily the best piece of mobile application we’ve reviewed to date with that fact taken out of consideration. Therefore, our final score for Pocket Express BlackBerry app with all things considered is 8.5 out of 10.