Interesting Apps Sites

Finding good information about apps, can be time consuming, and you often have to look thru 100′s of websites to find one good site about mobile apps. So friends i will do all the hard work for you :) here some of the cool app websites i often use.

  1. cause has some quite good reviews of good apps for iPhone, we also like that they make it easy to find other good smartphone apps reviews.
  2. if you’re looking for good free apps, this site can be helpful, i must say they site also has a lot of game apps go here
  3. Tech and apps news well title say it all, you can find some good articles there about whats going on in the tech and app world,
  4. If your single like me? here is a couple of cool dating apps from Facebook :) Social Connect and one of the most popular iPhone dating app using location-based navigation smart dating, i know this place also has a cool dating app when you sign up to the online dating site, i use it my self that’s why i know.
  5. Associated Presses brings you the news you want now.  With unique news and tech stories from around the world, Associated Presses brings together some of the best news and tech sources available.  Fast breaking news, world events and general interest stories are all brought to you by the network of news sources that make up the Associated Presses..  Associated Presses has a staff of professional and experienced tech journalists, hand picked for their expertise in areas such as world events, health and sports and apps.
  6. Google news is a must have link also to have, there you will find the latest apps press releases

Send me some good links to other app sites if i missed them, have fun, Kind regards Charles

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